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Compression Stockings For Varicose Veins
While the traditional image is of tight beige knitted cotton gradually wrinkling at the ankles, there are now a wide range of highly supportive stockings and tights available in a variety of colours that might actually lead the casual observer to believe that you are not actually wearing compression garments at all.

Cost Of Varicose Vein Treatment
This is generally when the patients varicose veins are starting to impair their quality of life by causing significant amounts of pain or swelling, limiting the patients mobility or because the veins themselves have become unstable and the patient runs the risk of bleeding out from a ruptured or damaged vein.

Facial Varicose Veins
Facial varicose veins are a cosmetic nightmare for sufferers and can be difficult to cope with, as in contrast to varicose veins elsewhere, these cannot be covered up with clothing. Even spider veins and thread veins can be covered with special high density make up, however the problem with facial varicose veins is that they present as a bump on the skin.

Herbs For Spider Veins
There are many people who now prefer to take a more holistic and proactive approach to maintaining their circulatory health and there are a surprisingly large number of herbal products available that can be used to help treat this unsightly and occasionally uncomfortable condition that are either taken as a dietary supplement or are applied as a tincture or ointment to the affected area.

Home Treatment For Spider Veins
One of the best ways to ensure that you are doing everything possible to reduce the possibility of new varicose veins appearing is by adopting good healthy living habits, taking regular exercise, not smoking, reducing your intake of salt and saturated fat and eating a varied diet that is packed with fresh fruit and vegetables.

Laser Therapy For Varicose Veins
Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT) also referred to as Endovenous Ablation Therapy is an effective way of dealing with the cosmetic aspects of varicose veins and a slightly different laser based treatment has proven effective for getting rid of spider veins.

Natural Help For Varicose Veins
In recent years, many people have sought to find more holistic ways of treating themselves that lie outside of conventional medicine and there are many techniques that, while they may not make your varicose veins go away, they also will not make them worse and may give you with some much needed relief from aching and discomfort.

Preventing Varicose Veins
If you know that you are already at high risk, because you have already had varicose veins or close family members have already had significant problems, try wearing compression stockings or tights. Because the way the legs are squeezed by the stockings, you can ensure that no undue pressure is being placed on your venous valves and your circulation is being properly supported.

Varicose Vein Causes
Varicose veins can often run in families but they are also a common affliction of shop workers and bar staff as they can caused by standing up for extended periods of time, as well as being an unwelcome side effect of pregnancy due to increased blood volume and the relaxation of vein muscle walls as a consequence of hormonal changes.

Varicose Vein Creams
In certain circumstances, anecdotal evidence suggests that the application of a varicose vein can significantly help arrest the development of venous eczema and alleviate the dry skin problems that can result from wearing compression stockings all day, every day.

Varicose Vein Pain
Though many varicose vein sufferers experience little more than unattractive lumps and veins on the legs and other places, in certain circumstances they can experience significant varicose vein pain that makes the legs ache, feel heavy and can also result in swelling at the ankle at the end of the day. The affected leg or area can also feel like it is burning or can trigger muscle spasms during the night.

Varicose Vein Sclerotherapy
Varicose vein sclerotherapy is a medical technique frequently used to treat small to medium sized varicose veins that is chiefly used to counter the visual, cosmetic symptoms of the condition and works to reduce the appearance of unsightly veins.

Varicose Vein Stripping
This procedure does, in most circumstances, involve a general anaesthetic however this is unlikely to involve an overnight stay unless surgery is performed on both legs.

Varicose Vein Treatment Options
Compression Stockings are the traditional way of treating varicose veins and work by compressing your legs to help to improve the circulation. The compressing action is particularly noticeable at the ankles and become looser the further up the leg you go.

Varicose Veins Risk Factors
While having one or more of the risk factors may increase the chances of getting varicose veins and spider veins, it does not necessarily mean that you are destined to get them, and being aware of the risk factors may actually help you to negate their effects.

Varicose Vein Lotion
If you happen to be a varicose vein sufferer, no doubt you will be keen to find out if there are any useful non-surgical, non invasive ways of treating the condition, and using a varicose vein lotion is a good place to start. This is especially true if you currently have only minor problems.

Varicose Veins Cost
Varicose vein surgery costs can vary widely depending on where you plan to have the surgery done, the procedure that you choose to have and the expertise of the person undertaking the surgery or treatment. If you are considering varicose vein surgery, be sure to seek recommendations and do your research as it is vital that you ensure that you get the best possible care.

Ruptured Varicose Veins
The risk of this unfortunate complication of varicose veins is increased as we age, due to the fact that our skins get thinner so relatively minor bangs and scratches can result in a rupture because of the site of varicose veins close to the surface of the skin.

Alternative Treatments For Varicose Veins
Many of the alternative treatments for varicose veins involve working with the body to improve circulation. The benefits of improving the circulation when you have varicose veins are that it actively prevents blood from pooling in the area of a faulty venous valve, thus ensuring that your veins do not become even more stretched than they are already and give the area the opportunity for some natural repair to take place.

Bleeding Varicose Veins
Because of the nature of the condition, where the affected veins are located very close to the surface of the skin, bleeding varicose veins are a real danger that can be seriously hazardous to health, and even can be fatal due to rapid and extensive blood loss.

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