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Cost of Varicose Vein Removal Treatment

The cost of varicose vein treatment can vary wildly depending on the country that you live in. In the UK certain surgical interventions like Ligation and Stripping and Sclerotherapy can be provided on the NHS from time to time.

This is generally when the patients varicose veins are starting to impair their quality of life by causing significant amounts of pain or swelling, limiting the patients mobility or because the veins themselves have become unstable and the patient runs the risk of bleeding out from a ruptured or damaged vein. In this instance, the treatment is a medical procedure rather than a cosmetic one. If you have private health care, your plan may cover medical vein treatment so it is worth checking if you are in a situation where you are experiencing problems.

Commercial cosmetic practitioners over a bewildering array of treatments and when choosing somewhere to have a procedure of this type, it will benefit you to get recommendations, check that the premises is licensed probably and that the people performing the procedure are properly qualified to do the procedure that you are paying for. The three treatments that are commonly offered are Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), Sclerotherapy and Phlebectomy.

Sclerotherapy is the least expensive treatment available, as this is a tried and tested method of dealing with the condition and for many practitioners is the treatment of choice for minor varicose veins and thread veins. Costs for this treatment in the UK average somewhere between £150 to £250 for 1 hours treatment and around $200 to $400 in the US, however the number of treatments and the cost will depend on the extent of your varicose veins, how large they are, whether both legs need to be treated, if your problems veins are on an another area of the body and the skill of the medical professional involved.

Endovenous Laser Treatment being a relatively new technique is slightly more expensive, but as the procedure is very quick. In a lot of cases the veins can be treated in around 30 minutes but again it is feasible that more than one visit may be required to achieve the results that the patient desires and the costs can mount up when laser vein removal can cost from around $500 upwards or £450 per treatment, which can increase dramatically if your varicose veins are extensive or awkward to treat.

Phlebectomy or Ambulatory Phlebectomy is the removal of the damaged vein through tiny incisions in the skin and many patients prefer it as it can deal with an entire problem vein in one visit. This can be used as a alternative to the more radical surgical treatment of Ligation and Stripping which requires a general anaesthetic and a significant amount of recovery time.

This procedure can be performed with a local anaesthetic as an outpatient procedure and the patient will be mobile again immediately after the surgery though it is recommended that a few days are taken off work afterwards to aid recovery. With all of these treatments there is a requirement to wear compression hosiery to support the circulation. While this may look like an expensive option at around $1000/£900 per session, the patient is much less likely to require additional treatments to get rid of the problem veins.


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